Mami Confessions: How would you explain sex to your child?

In this week's Mami Confessions, one Latina mom went to our anonymous Confesiones group after experiencing every parent's--and child's--worst nightmare: getting caught in the act! 


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In her post, this mami struggles with the same thing many moms do--explaining sex to her daughter after she accidentally hears her parents having sex. She writes:

I have a 10-year-old daughter who heard my husband I having sex. I explained to her that it's a normal act that occurs between married couples, but she says that it's dirty and asked to me to please never do it again. She follows me around all day and is so worked up about the incident that she won't leave me alone with her dad for even a minute. At night, we can't shut our bedroom door or she gets hysterical...we decided not to have sex again until she gets over it but it's already lasted a long time and now, she even tells me what clothes I should wear to sleep. In all honestly, I don't know what to do anymore. I've spoken a lot to her about it and there has still been no change.

Wow, talk about a tricky, not to mention embarrassing, situation! I definitely feel for both parties--the mom and the child. After all, as a daughter, I can understand how hearing your parents have sex might be traumatizing particularly at such a young age, but I also realize that having "the talk" with your child is a real issue of concern for parents. I only hope the two of them are able to work it out soon!

What do YOU think this mother should do? Share your advice for her in the comments below!

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