Why would you register your kindergartner for pole dancing classes?

While the instructor of a new fitness class called "Little Spinners" doesn't see anything wrong with teaching kids how to pole dance, I have a hard time imagining any mom of a kindergarten signing up her girl for this form of exercise. Apparently, though, I'm wrong, since according to Kristy Craig, the owner of the Canadian dance studio, has told FoxNews.com that so far three girls and one boy have registered for the class, including a 5-year-old!

Craig claims there's absolutely nothing sexual about teaching a child how to pole dance and she equates the activity to climbing trees. "It's pure fitness and strength and fun," she says.


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But can't kids have the same kind of fun and exercise climbing trees then? Why introduce them to something so highly associated with the sex industry so early on in their lives?

Honestly, I don't think Craig is doing anything wrong. She's obviously a savvy business woman who saw a need for something like her pole dancing class for kids and jumped on the idea. In other words, she wouldn't be offering the class if she didn't think parents would be registering their kids.

So what I really have a problem with is the parents who think this is a good idea for their little ones. I simply don't understand what good could come out of something like this and I'd be really curious to find out what the parents of those kids who've registered for the class think about the whole concept.

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Meanwhile, I agree 100 percent with the child psychologist interviewed by Canadian television station CTV News who said, "Sometimes these kinds of activities are more of an interest to the parent than they are to the kids." 

What do you think of pole dancing for 5-year-olds? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below. 

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