I've already made it clear that as far as fathers go, my dad pretty much rocks. But even I have to admit that super sweet parent Lars Gronholt gives my dear ol' pop a run for his money! When his 7-year-old daughter, Amelie, began refusing to eat her lunch, Gronholt found one adorable way of convincing her otherwise--by adding funny hand-drawn sketches of Batman and other comic book superheroes to her lunchbox!

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Apparently, Amelie came home hungry every day from school and nothing her parents did could make her eat her lunch. But when he noticed how much she loved the recent Avengers movies, Gronhold decided to use that to his advantage. In the drawings, Gronholt--who is obviously a skilled artist--manages to keep the superheroes true to their comic-book personalities, even as they are urging Amelie to eat her sandwich. In one, a large monster, which Gronholt describes as a "giant snake-turtle thing," threatens Amelie's lunch, saying, "I'm gonna get you little sandwich!"

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Aww, what a sweet gesture! Who wouldn't love to get a one-of-kind drawing in their lunch every day? That's enough to make anyone--even an adult like myself--smile. Plus, the trick works! According to Gronholt's post on Reddit, little Amelie has eaten all of her lunches since receiving her first comic.

Check out a few of this adorable dad's comics below:

Image via imgur

Ant Man 1

Ant Man

Image via Imgur

Ant man versus an apple!


Turtle 2


Image via Imgur

The "giant snake-turtle thing" attacks a sandwich!


Batman 3


Image via Imgur

Batman to the rescue?

Wolverine 4


Image via Imgur

Amelie better listen to Wolverine!



Hulk 5


Image via Imgur

Hungry Hulk says, "Eat everything or else!"