Son captures sleepwalking mom in HILARIOUS video! (VIDEO)

I might not be the most pleasant person to wake up, but at least I hardly ever wake up disoriented or confused. My mom, on the other hand, is hysterical when woken up. She gets so bewildered that she'll jump up and call me by her younger sister's name, Nora or "Norita."

In fact, this happens so often (and her reactions are so funny) that I've often threatened to record her and put the video up on YouTube.  She might not be amused, but I still think it's pretty freaking hilarious—which is exactly what New Jersey son, Nick, thought when he taped his mom while she was sleepwalking and then showed her results later. I laughed so hard, tears came to my eyes.


In this clip, Nick is showing his mom the footage he took of her as she was sleepwalking. Still fast asleep, she dances and mumbles about "tomato cages" in the kitchen—all without ever waking up or noticing that she was being taped. Nick (clearly an evil but hilarious mastermind) then shows her the video and once again records her reaction as she watches herself in utter disbelief. "Come on, this is not right," she says in between gasps of surprise and laughter.

HAHA, how funny is that! I can totally sympathize with Nick and would honestly not be the least bit surprised to find my own mom doing something like that. Thankfully though, she doesn't sleepwalk…at least as far as I know!

The video teaches parents one important lesson: Watch out for your devilish kids, even when you're sleeping!

Watch the hilarious video here:


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