Parents have a very creative way to tell their quadruplets apart! (VIDEO)

I always wondered how parents with twins knew how to distinguish their kids when they look so much alike. Now if figuring out twins is bad, can you imagine figuring out who's who in a group of quadruplets? It seems like a mom in China found the solution to this identity dilemma. The proud mother of 4, Tan Chaoyun, decided to shave the numbers one through four on her kids' heads.

Chaoyun claims that her husband had a hard time telling the difference between  their 6-year-old children and would sometimes accidentally punish the wrong child for something the other had done. Talk about an identity crisis!


But it makes you wonder…how does a parent (let alone the average person) tell the difference between that many identical children? In this case, the parents say that even their teachers have had difficulty distinguishing between the boys. Chaoyun admits that the only way she can tell them apart is by the shape of their eyelids--and now, this is a most definiteve way to mark each boy!

I've seen parents with twins and triplets distinguish their children by dressing them in different colors and accessories. But nope, this woman settled on shaving numbers onto her kids' heads to make it easier to tell them apart. While it seems like a good idea at first, what effect will this have on her children? I can definitely tell you as teenagers they will not appreciate mom whipping out their childhood pictures showing off their identification digits.

For all we know this could become a new trend for parents with more than one identical child, but for their sake I hope they find a less humiliating way to tell their kids apart.   

If you're a mom with many identical children, how do you distinguish them?  Tell us in the comments box below!

Image via Live Leaks

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