Why do 'popular' kids die younger?

Going to school can be hard for kids, with certain cliques always being singled out as the "cool kids." But it turns out being popular can have its repercussions. A new study has concluded that students that were deemed as "popular" were more likely to die younger!

Say what?!


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Researchers from the University of California and University of Texas polled thousands of ninth and tenth-graders and discovered that popular students were much more likely to smoke cigarettes than the "unpopular" crowd. The results also showed that they start smoking earlier than other kids and were more likely to befriend other smokers. These habits make them more susceptible to developing harmful health conditions, such as heart disease, lung cancer, and emphysema--all illnesses that the non-smoking teens aren't as likely to contract.

Wow, I definitely never thought that the amount of friends you did or didn't have in high school could have such profound effects on your long-term physical health. But then again, it kind of makes sense, especially if a popular child is prone to being easily influenced by their friends. 

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In fact, the study only proves that how important it is for parents to try and teach their kids not to succumb to peer pressure. I don't care how popular or how unpopular you are--smoking is not cute or cool on anyone.

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