Boy reunited with his long-lost stuffed monkey will make you cry! (VIDEO)

Want a good cry today? Well, here's the answer! I'm pretty much bawling tears of joy at this super-adorable video of a boy who was reunited with his long-lost toy.

In the sweetest story you'll ever see, the parents describe how the blue monkey named Ah-Ah was a part of the family for many years but was tragically lost on a family vacation 500 miles away. Now, three years later, the mom's impossibly lucky find on eBay has reunited boy and toy with tears, hugs and kisses.


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Seriously, guys, this is like a real-life Toy Story and the family couldn't be cuter. I'm not even a religious person but I swear this one's a miracle. I mean, the mom found the blue monkey stuffed animal while randomly surfing the internet. WOW! Actually, she thought that the eBay monkey would be a good replacement but was then shocked to find that it was the same little guy when he came in the mail.

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She knew it was the same monkey thanks to the dryer-burnt hair on top of the monkey's head and the jagged lines of the tag that the boy had previously cut off. As she gives the miraculously found monkey to her son, he almost doesn't believe her even as he hugs his long lost friend and cries. It's amazing to see and I couldn't be happier about this. End your Friday right and watch this adorable video!

Watch the video here.

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Image via Hypervocal

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