What little boys are made of: 5 surprises for moms of boys!

Whether you're a first time mom of a little guy or you're already a mom to girls and now have a boy, there are definitely a few surprises in store. Of course, I don't have a daughter, but as the only girl in a family of five brothers, and now the mother of a boy, I understand the whole "snips and snails thing." Even at three-and-a-half months old my son is already quite the dude and I'm beginning to realize that I'm in for an interesting ride. Here are a some things I've discovered in my first few months as a mommy:

  1. Expect to get peed on. I can't count how many times my husband and I were peed on in the first few weeks of my son's life. The nursery walls, the bed, two friends' sofas and the infant bathtub all got a thorough soaking as well. And even though he's older now and more accustomed to the cool breeze that comes through during diaper changes, I fully anticipate at least a few more showers in our future. And yes, he'll probably giggle and smile while he's doing it.
  2. There will be grime. I still can't figure out how this is possible, but my little boy's fingernails are constantly dirty. I find myself attempting to pick the dirt out at least a few times a day. He's not even mobile yet, so I can't imagine the messes I'll have to contend with in a few months.
  3. Be prepared to have hair envy. Why is it that boys always have amazing hair and impossibly long eyelashes? Seriously though, my son has perfect curls and yet I sit in front of the mirror slathering on product and attempting to tame mine for hours every week. The universe is just unfair. Well, at least I get to run my fingers through his locks whenever I please.
  4. They are determined. My son does not give up. He is persistent and even at this young age, he works to get what he wants. Whether he desires to be picked up, eat or play, his will is impressive and I love it. I'm sure it will make for some challenging times as he gets older, but it thrills me to imagine him as a driven, hard-working young man.
  5. You will get the BEST cuddles. I'm sure girls are cuddly too, but the sweet smiles and hugs baby boys reserve for mom are truly priceless. I melt every time I get one of those big toothless grins. I'm like putty in his pudgy hands.

What has surprised you about your infant son? Any surprises in store for me that I'm missing from this list?

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