Father kidnaps kids, steals a sailboat, and disappears

I can't even imagine the fright Jennifer Nipon is going through right now as her children have gone missing after being kidnapped by their father, Christopher Maffei, from her San Francisco home Tuesday.

In addition to kidnapping their 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, Maffei stole a sailboat and sailed off in an unknown direction, which has made it difficult to know his whereabouts.


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Nipon is clearly scared for her kids' lives now that they're in the hands of their father--who I'm presuming isn't a responsible parent (otherwise he wouldn't have kidnapped them in the first place!) What is even scarier about this case is that it sounds like it was a plan that Maffei had thought out weeks in advance.

The distraught mother is requesting that the Navy and the Coast Guard help her find her children, who are hopefully still in the area. The problem with this is that she believes that their father may have taken them to Thailand, because he had lived there before, or to Mexico, because he always spoke of taking them there.

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I don't understand when parents act irrationally and assume that by stealing their children that they'll fix whatever personal problems they are having. Instead they're putting the children and themselves in grave danger, not to mention putting the mom through hell (which surely he doesn't care about, but what about the what the kids are thinking without their mom!?).

For Nipon's sake, I hope her children show up safe and sound and that authorities take Maffei into custody as soon as possible. His careless actions show how unfit he is to care for his kids. No mother should ever have to go through this type of scare.

What do you think you would do if you were in this mom's shoes?

Images via Lina Ordonez

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