Hilarious breastfeeding ad tells it like it is! (VIDEO)

If you have more than one child, you will TOTALLY relate to this new ad from Luvs Diapers. It is absolutely hilarious because it's completely true. The premise is simple: there's a huge difference between being a first time mom and second (third, fourth, etc) mom. With the first baby, you basically don't know what the hell you're doing--or at least that was my case. In terms of breastfeeding, everything felt kind of awkward and feeding my baby in public was frustrating and, at times, traumatic. By the time my second child came around, I honestly didn't give a crap about the majority of things I worried about the first time around. 

That's what experience is all about, no?


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This ad is a must-watch because I'm sure you'll definitely see yourself in it. The actors are perfect, everyone's expressions are right on and the dialogue is hilarious. 

I also love how the mom in the ad is able to convey how different things can be between your first and your second child in such a short amount of time. I love how in control, confident and put together she looks with her second child. It's not that it's much easier with two kids, but it's more like you have a lot of things figured out. 

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This is one of those ads that is definitely worth sharing because, if anything, you'll surely get a kick out of it... even if you're not even a mom!



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Image via Mothering Touch/flickr

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