This is why your teenage daughter is more mature than your son

Science has discovered many actual differences between the sexes. My favorite by far is the fact that women's brains are more adept at multi-tasking, which explains why your man can't text while watching TV and why you're cooking, taking care of the kids, and reading a book all at the same time (that's not just me, right?).

Well, the latest research has actually discovered why teen girls are more mature than teen boys. And you'll NEVER guess the real reason!


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Funnily enough, it all actually has to do with the way that teenagers tell stories about themselves. The teen's autobiographical narratives actually vary greatly depending on their gender, according to a University of Missouri psychologist and her colleagues. Jennifer Bohanek, assistant professor of psychological sciences, explains:

Narratives provide information about how adolescents interpret memories as well as how they come to know themselves. Other people then come to know the teens by the stories they tell about themselves. The differences between study participants' stories suggest there may be differences in the way male and female teens understand themselves and present themselves to the world.

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Their findings were basically that females' stories had more detail and more description of the girls' emotional states while the males' stories were pretty much matter-of-fact and had very little self-reflection. It didn't matter whether the stories were good or bad, girls simply had a "greater inclination to reflect on past experiences."

Well, the girls' abilities to look back on their past experiences and actually LEARN from them certainly explains why we're more mature, doesn't it? If the boys aren't looking back and reflecting on their past, then they'll never learn how to make things better. Here's hoping that will AT LEAST improve with age!

Have you found that girls are more mature than boys as teens? Share with us in the comments below!

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