Mom potty trains her twins in the middle of a restaurant! (VIDEO)

Potty training a child is a difficult task for any parent, but that definitely does not excuse the Utah mom who brought her family's portably potty to a public restaurant and then allowed her kids to use it right there where everyone was dining! WTF?!  SO. GROSS.


The family was apparently eating at Thanksgiving Point Deli in Utah when the mother took out the potty, placed it on a chair, and allowed her twin children to use it while they were still sitting at the table! To make matters even worse? Witnesses say the kids were wearing full-length jumpsuits that had to be undone and pulled down, which means they were nude while they were, err, relieving themselves.

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UGH, I can't believe a mother would think it was appropriate or sanitary to allow their kids to go potty in the middle of a dining area! It is so disgusting. Seriously, parents these days seem to be going completely nuts. In fact, some find it so unbelievable that they're speculating it might be part of a reality TV show…which admittedly would be a significantly better scenario, but still pretty nasty.  

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman from the restaurant spoke out about the incident, saying that their staff was unaware of what was happening until after it was already over or else they would have asked the mother to leave. Um, two kids pooping on a portable potty while eating at the table in a restaurant? How on Earth do you miss something like that?!

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I just hope that other parents do NOT take a cue from this mom and instead, teach their kids the proper way (and time and place) to go potty!

Would you ever think of doing something like this? What do you think of this mom who let her kids potty in the middle of the restaurant?

Image via Kimbery Decker

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