Should you friend your child's teacher?

Although my daughter's first grade teacher has admitted to not being the most techy person in the world, I'm pretty sure she has her own Facebook account. After all, I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that, with few exceptions, most of the people I know have one regardless of how good they are with computers. I've no idea if my daughter's teacher has one, nor do I care to know. But what would happen if she did and she sent me a "friend" request?

Honestly, I would most likely ignore it.


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A lot of people I know with Facebook accounts have absolutely no problem friending pretty much anyone who sends them a friend request. I'm not talking about strangers, but about people they've met only once or they "know" through blogs or other social media outlets. I'm not like that at all.

My Facebook page is extremely personal and full of photos and details about my family's life that I only care to share with very few people. That's why my list of friends doesn't keep growing all the time. In fact, it usually shrinks as I realize I no longer care for certain people to have access to my life online. 

I don't friend co-workers or bosses, nor do I friend readers of my blog, SpanglishBaby, who must think that just because they read my posts there, they somehow know who I am.

While this might sound harsh to many, I don't see the need in my friending my daughter's teacher at all. It's been four weeks since school started and so far, we seem to be communicating just fine via email and in person. Plus, I have her home and cell phone number if the need to call her ever arises.

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Having said that, I do not mind the idea of having a Facebook class page or group setup by one of the parents, for example, where we could all interact, get to know each other better and exchange ideas.

What do you think? Would you friend your child's teacher? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below. 

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