Julian Castro's 3-year-old, Carina Victoria, is a First Daughter in-the-making! (VIDEO)

So not only am I proud to share my last name with hottie San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro, I have to say his scene-stealing 3-year-old daughter, Carina Victoria is SO ADORABLE! The pre-schooler was working it like a true diva for the cameras during the DNC Convention and I don't know about you but I sense potential star power.

We've already predicted that her dad (who just so happens to be a twin!) could potentially be the first Latino president and  this cute tyke could totally help daddy earn some votes at the ballots (he's sure got my vote!).


I wouldn't have expected any less from Carina as she fiercely flipped her hair at the convention--she is Latina afterall. It's in our blood to want to be the center of attention and look good doing it!

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I'm sure this won't be the last we see of Carina or her hot dad--who gave an amazing speech at the DNC and makes us Latinos proud to be represented by him. Like most kids at her age, she has that spunk and energy that I'm sure makes for a lot of funny stories in the Castro household.

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At only 3 years old, she's still got a long way to go, but for now I'm sure she's the fiercest and cutest kid in her story circle group. Perhaps even little Carina will follow in daddy's footsteps and be a political figure one day. I can totally picture her being the most fashionable candidate with sass and rocking high heels as she makes her way across the stage!

Did you see Carina's hair flips during the DNC? Does it remind you of any other little Latinas in your life?

Image via CNN

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