Fierce little girl puts horribly mean teacher in his place! (VIDEO)

In case you don't know by now, I am a big believer in putting people in their places if they get seriously out of line. Hey, there are some individuals in this world who just deserve to be told off.  That's why I seriously love the little girl in this video, who gives her teacher an important lesson after he humiliates her in front of the entire class!


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In the clip, a teacher in Russia has one of his students--who is apparently not picking up the English lesson fast enough--stand in front of the classroom as he berates her for what seems like an eternity. He yells, he shakes his finger in her face, throws his hands in the air, and even begins to poke her in the head before finally, the little girl decides she has had enough. Instead of standing there any longer, she smacks her teacher's hands away from her head, kicks him in the groin, and runs out of the classroom!  

Okay, I'm not saying I condone violence or advocate kids disrespecting adults, but in this case, I think the guy totally had it coming. I mean, come on, he was being such a jerk! It's one thing to discipline a child, but it's another thing to bully one.

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Though the dramatic (and kinda funny) video has YouTube users questioning whether the incident is real or staged, I personally think it's the lesson that matters: all parents should have their children take a cue from this fierce young girl and teach them to stand up for themselves!

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Image via YouTube

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