Does Selena Gomez's 'Springbreakers' film make her less of a role model?

In recent months, Selena Gomez has proved that she's all grown up, posing for a sexy Cosmopolitan cover and reportedly moving in with boyfriend Justin Bieber. Her latest adult venture? Taking on a role in the raunchy new flick Springbreakers.

The 20-year-old actress definitely leaves behind her Disney roots in the racy film, which follows Gomez and her co-stars as they portray a group of college girls who attempt to rob a bank to raise money for their spring break. Directed by Harmony Korine, who is known for his controversial works, the film is chock full of alcohol, drugs, and sex. And though it has garnered a ton of buzz among the entertainment crowd (it's currently being featured in two of the world's most prestigious movie events, the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival), the movie's wild plot is not exactly PG. Which leads me to wonder: Is Gomez still a good role model for kids?


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Personally, I think yes. Why? Well, I honestly don't believe Gomez is doing anything wrong in choosing more mature roles. After all, isn't it natural and necessary for everyone (especially someone who works in the arts) to branch out as they grow up? The fact of the matter is that though she might still be as sweet-faced as she was during her Disney days, Gomez is 20 years old--yes, still very young, but not exactly a little kid anymore and definitely old enough to act in a role that depicts what most people her age are doing these days anyway, which is partying at college.  

But regardless of what the movie entails and whether or not you choose to take your children to see it (from what it sounds like, I wouldn't!), one thing's for sure: Gomez has already had a lot of amazing accomplishments and so far, has made many more good decisions regarding her career than bad ones. And though she might be gaining some critics by pushing the envelope with this new movie, I love that she seems to have enough confidence in herself and the project to go ahead and do it anyway.

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"Obviously I know that coming from Disney Channel gives you kind of a brand in a way," she told reporters at the Venice Film Festival.  "People do put a label on you.. It is a little shocking, I think, for the younger audiences... but I think it was right for me.

Sounds like a true adult to me!

Watch the Springbreakers trailer here:

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