Parents spending on kids' parties is getting out of hand (VIDEO)

Last week I ranted about how pointless I found extravagant Quinceañeras to be, then I found out how much some parents spend on their kid's (as in small children) birthday parties. Parents want to be able to give their children everything--but how much is too much when it comes to planning your kid's special day? Parents sending limos to pick up guests for their 4-year old's birthday parties…are you kidding me?

It's no surprise that there are so many spoiled kids today with parents investing tons of money for them to be "popular" for a few hours. Sometimes I wonder where their priorities are? After all, they are shelling out all this money which could be spent on something more useful, like, oh call me crazy, their child's college education? Thankfully, family therapist, Bill Doherty is stepping in to fix these parental woes.


Doherty explains that parents don't need to invest a small fortune on their kid's birthday parties but that they do so because they don't want their kids to feel unimportant compared to their friends. I guess plain 'ol love and affection just doesn't do it for kids nowadays?

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Celebrating a child's birthday isn't even a one shot deal anymore! Parents are spending money on parties in school, with family, and seperately with friends, and neighbors. I find it hard not to to just roll my eyes at this ridiculousness. 

Another few things you can get rid of are goodie bags and anything else of excessive nature that you know you don't want in your home. In addition, encourage guests to invest in inexpensive gifts and have your child write thank you notes after the party.  The MOST important thing to keep in mind says Doherty is to,

"Lead with your values on these decisions, not with money."

This is excellent advice because parents should remind their kids that the actual purpose of the ocassion is to celebrate their special day with loved ones.

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Hopefully this will give parents better insight on how to plan for their children's birthday parties this year. What matters most is that your child and their friends have a good time. Afterall they're kids...I'm sure they'll have just as much fun without the petting zoo.

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