Constance Marie reveals daughter's "terrible threes"

We've all heard of the "terrible twos". It's the stage in a toddler's development that usually means temper tantrums, mood changes and lots and lots of stubborn use of the word "no". Well, for Latina actress and mami Constance Marie, that stage came a year late.

In a new revealing post for People magazine's Celebrity Babies blog, she writes candidly about how her perfect daughter went from being the "Gandhi child" during her second year to constant meltdowns when she turned three years old.


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In a funny story, Constance describes how her daughter's biggest tantrums are "often ...over the most ridiculous thing that I never saw coming", including the first time about leggings that her daughter picked out herself and then decided that "they are not beautiful"--ending with the very passionate wailing from her daughter, to which Constance responds with:  

I get down on one knee, I hug her, I give compassion, but then, I gently remind her that she picked them, she had a choice and they are perfectly good leggings. I also remind her that we are late so we have to go. This perfectly reasonable and logical line of thinking does not work at all.

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Of course, mommy running to the rescue during the mini-breakdown doesn't always work but Constance describes through her process of managing these meltdowns. Yes, she "wanted her to be happy" but she also remembered not to give in to the tantrum, either… even if it kills her!

How do you manage tantrums from your toddler? Have you dealt with the "terrible twos" or "terrible threes" and survived? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Constance Marie/Twitter

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