Would you get your kids this adorable...farting doll?!

I know that I will have to introduce my son soon enough to the more distasteful things in life, like poop and puke, especially when he's entering potty-training territory. I was always counting on a good old book to do the trick: There's the amazing Everyone Poops, which has been on my future-baby reading list since I can remember or the awesomely titled Poop! There It Is!.

But now a new doll out of Asia has made a very common, but not-talked-about bodily function much easier for our kids to digest (pun sort-of intended!). The new farting doll has hit store shelves in Korea, and were it not for the crazy let-er-rip-ness of her gas, she'd be super cute!


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The doll eats from a little plate of food and goes in a little toilet, both extra accessories which it seems you can buy separately. She modestly turns bright red as she very coyly…cuts the cheese, and later flushes what seems to be the cutest smiling little turd I've ever seen.

I honestly thought I had seen it all, but it seems like I have yet to delve into the never-ending world of crazy dolls (there's the pooping doll, the burping doll, and even the relatively less offensive peeing doll), but this Korean farting cutie takes the cake. Hey, at least the animated version in the commercial blushes with embarrassment. 

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I know these are probably really useful when potty training babies, but not really sure I'll be using them to teach my son how to and about the potty. As long as his dad and I treat pooping and everything else unsightly in his life normally, I'm sure he'll develop healthy habits and be conscientious when it comes to his bodily functions. At least I hope so!

Watch the farting doll commercial here:

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Image via YouTube

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