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How much do you pay for your child's day care?

After learning that child care in America can cost you over $10,000 in some states, I TOTALLY understand why I had a babysitter when I was a kid. That is an insane amount of money to pay to have a company watch over your child! A new report by Child Care Aware of America revealed that last year alone parents spent more on child care than the cost of sending a kid to college

I can certainly tell you that I have nowhere close to 10 grand in my bank account and I doubt many of these parents enrolling their kid in child care do too! I can see why determining when you have a baby is crucial because having kids is expensive and requires you do a lot of sacrificing financially.


Not only are costs for daycare bad enough for parents to deal with, but what about the ones being raised by single parents? According to the report,  "Parents and The High Cost Of Childcare,", the average annual cost of full-time child care for infants varied between $4,600 to about $15,000 and with the number of  working parents, they almost have no choice but to enroll them.

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The US government needs to do something about this issue, because the average American isn't wealthy enough to afford such exorbitant costs. Growing up I always had babysitters and my parents never ran into problems with any of them. If they had placed me in child care, chances are they would STILL be paying off those debts. 

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With all the horror stories that have come out regarding the awful treatment children get at some of these child care facilities, I wouldn't be surprised if parents start having relatives or grandparents watch them instead. I definitely know i'll be selective when choosing who watches my kids, because there's no way in hell that I'm going to pay college tuition prices to risk having my child mistreated. 

Have you ever had a problem paying for child care for your children? 

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