5 hilariously adorable kids show all they want to do is dance! (VIDEOS)

Thanks to technology these days, the world has been privy to some pretty hilarious videos that capture adorable babies doing everything from dancing to singing. Though I've watched many of these clips (seriously, is there any better pick-me-up?), few are cuter than the most recent on I've seen which captures two 11-month-old twins sitting in high chairs and dancing (which in their case, means wiggling from side to side) in PERFECT unison. Awww!

In the spirit of their I-just-wanna-dance attitude, here are 5 hysterical and adorable videos of other young kid showing off their moves--all guaranteed to make you smile!



1. 11-month-old twins wiggle and dance in unison!

2. An adorable 2-year-old dances the jive to "Jailhouse Rock"...almost as good as Elvis himself!

3. This 7-year-old transformed into a mini Michael Jackson for school talent show

4. Little Grace loves Gotye's song, "Somebody that I Used to Know" that she can't help but dance along in the car!

5. This baby wants to be just like Beyonce!

Which one of these hilarious videos is your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!

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