Urban Outfitters gets slammed for idiotic pro-drinking T-shirts

Just in time for Back to School, trendy retailer Urban Outfitters has come out with a line of T-shirts that has Mothers Against Drunk Driving furious. And, it's easy to see why. Blazoned with slogans like: "Misery Loves Alcohol" and "I Drink, You're Cute" there's really nothing cute or cool about the T-shirts, considering a good chunk of the retailer's customers are not even old enough to drink legally. According to the Federal Trade Commission, however, there are no legal avenues to take them off the racks since the shirts fall under "branded merchandise" regardless of their alcohol-related messages.

I honestly don't think a slogan on a T-shirt is going to make someone want to drink, but I just don't see the point behind this type of shirts. 


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I mean, what exactly was the person who came up with the slogans like "USA Drinking Team" thinking? I find that Urban Outfitters sells some really cool stuff, but I can't figure out why the marketing department would think these stupid T-shirts would be a good idea. 

Then again, I gotta remember it's Urban Outfitters we're talking about here and that this is not the first time they're slammed because of their controversial merchandise. Earlier this year, the retailer was sued by the Navajo Nation for trademark violation. Then there was the "Ghettopoly" board game featuring a bunch of racial stereotypes, which outraged black leaders almost a decade ago.

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Look, I'm not against drinking as long as you're mature enough to do so responsibly, but I still find these shirts distasteful and there's no way I would wear one now or back when I was a teenager or young adult. And, I would definitely not let any of my children wear T-shirts with stupid messages like "I Vote for Vodka."

What do you think of these T-shirts? Are they inappropriate or cool? Would you let your children wear them? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below.

Images via Urban Outfitters

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