Drunk grandma drives with small children in the back seat!

I don't understand what makes people think it's a good idea to drive while intoxicated in general. If you're going to do something as stupid as driving drunk, don't risk the lives of others by having passengers in the car with you. I was completely shocked and appalled when I heard about Long Island grandmother, Mary Kimbrough who was arrested for driving drunk—and she had two young children ages 9 and 11 in the backseat!

Is she insane endangering the lives of innocent children?! This also wasn't the first time she's been caught intoxicated behind the wheel. In 2009, Kimbrough was convicted for DWI-- but someone clearly didn't learn her lesson.


It's obvious that this woman isn't the ideal babysitter and as a grandmother, she's the last person I'd expect to get into this kind of mess. What makes this even worse is that when police pulled her over, only one of the kids was her grandchild. Who was the other kid, then? That's just perfect, deciding to practically kill your grandchild and another person's kid.

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Not only did this alcohol-loving granny drive recklessly, but she was operating a vehicle without a left front tire when cops pulled her over. This explains why my mother had a fear of letting me stay over at friends' houses when I was younger. You just NEVER know when some psycho is going to be watching your kids.

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It's sad that you can't even trust a relative to watch your children because there's always that one crazy aunt-- or grandmother in this case--who is not suitable to be around young kids. Hopefully this is the last time that her family will have to experience such a scare and will be smarter about who they let watch their child next time.

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Image via SCPD

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