Mom fights back against rapist who wants custody of her baby (VIDEO)

When I first learned that it's perfectly legal for rapists to have the same custody and visitation rights to the children they father through that despicable act as other fathers, I was floored. No, I'm lying. I was more than floored. I was disgusted.

Shocked and angered by this same information, Shauna Prewitt, a woman who opted to give birth to the child conceived through rape, decided to go to law school to learn how to put a stop to it. You see, her attacker had the balls to seek custody of her baby girl and sadly there was little Prewitt could do to prevent it. Spurred by this nightmare, Prewitt has been on a mission to change these custody laws.


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What kind of society do we live in that would actually allow something like this? Can you imagine what that would be like for the victim? What about the child? I find it very hard to believe that a rapist would want to have access to the child born out of the crime he commited, but the point is, why should he even have that right in the first place?

If you've never heard of Prewitt, I urge you to read more about her. The letter she penned to Todd Akin, the Republican Senator nominee from Missouri who recently made one of the most ignorant comments regarding rape and pregnancy, is a must read. Not only because she totally puts Akin where he belongs, but also because she gives a very personal insight as to what it was like for her to keep the child borne out of her attack.

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I have to applaud Prewitt for her honesty and for opening my eyes to an injustice I was not aware existed. I think all women should band together and join her campaign to change this antiquated and senseless law that once again prove that victims of rape are still treated like they are the ones on trial!

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