Idiotic school district sued for telling students sleep & socializing can prevent STDs

When it comes to teen sex, people are always blaming everyone and everything from the media to today's popular music to certain TV shows (aka Teen Mom) for advocating risky or provocative behavior. But the truth is, sometimes kids are also getting the wrong idea from the last place you'd expect: schools!

The Clovis Unified School District in California is being sued for allegedly telling students that to avoid getting pregnant or contracting STDs, they should get "plenty of rest" and "hang out in groups." One (slightly obvious and just kind of important) method that they failed to mention? Condoms!  Um, SERIOUSLY?!


According to the lawsuit, the district uses textbooks that leave out many of the most popular and effective forms of contraceptives, instead highlighting methods that are much less realistic and in some cases, just plain dumb. I mean, please explain to me how exactly hanging out in groups can prevent you from getting STDs. And sleep as a cure for pregnancy? Have these people ever been to a doctor?  

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In an attempt to advocate abstinence, the materials also allegedly claim that while males are unable to stop themselves once they're aroused, females who aren't virgins are comparative to dirty shoes. Yup, you read that right. They actually compared young sexually active girls to dirty footwear. What the hell kind of school is this? Did Todd Akin or Rush Limbaugh write these textbooks?

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The only thing that makes the whole situation bearable is that parents and community members are standing up to administrators and demanding real, unbiased education for their kids. Hopefully, they win this lawsuit and the school district will be forced to actually--oh I don't know--do their jobs and give their students accurate information.

In the meantime, the entire scenario proves that it's up to parents to have "The Talk" with their kids.

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