It seems like Barbie has been in the news a lot lately and that's no shocker, especially after we reported yesterday that a new "Drag Queen" Barbie is soon going to be on the market. Now The Vatican urged in their journal that Mattel distribute their "Bald Barbie" to the general public, since it's currently only available to children going through chemotherapy in hospitals.  

I personally think this is a great idea and has a wonderful significance that all children should be exposed to. It's refreshing to see the popular doll sending a positive message to little girls who may be bald due to an illness, because it shows them that are they are equally as beautiful as girls with long locks. It also teaches all other kids to accept those who are different from them and that beauty comes in all forms.


The "Bald and Beautiful Barbie" was made thanks to cancer patient Jane Bingham of Mantua N.J, who created a Facebook page advocating the creation of a bald Barbie that went viral. Her message was heard loud and clear, as Mattel now makes the doll, but made it available exclusively to hospitals.

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I'm pretty sure if Mattel were to sell it in the open market, the money made from the dolls would be a great way to donate to charities for children suffering from cancer.  Personally, I wouldn't mind buying the bald Barbie if it helps support a good cause and teaches society about tolerance and acceptance.

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Would you buy your child a Bald Barbie?

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