Mom hears her dead son's heartbeat (VIDEO)

I cried like a baby when I saw the story of April Beaver, a Mississippi mom who lost her 16-year-old son tragically and unexpectedly last Christmas Day when he suffered two strokes caused by a condition nobody even knew he had. Although Beaver's son Caleb died, the family had no qualms about generously donating the majority of his organs to those in need, including his heart.

Last week, April Beaver and her family got to live an experience of a lifetime. They were able to hear Caleb's heart again inside the man whose life he helped save through the donation of his organs.


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Everyday I wake up thanking God that my children are healthy and every night I go to bed asking him to continue keeping them that way because once you become a mom, it's impossible to ignore the fragility of life. That's why watching April meet Charles Shelton, a pychiatrist from Kentucky who received Caleb's heart on Dec. 26 of last year is all the more touching. Soon after Beaver hugs Shelton, she takes out a stethoscope so she can listen to her son's heart inside this man's chest and she's immediately overcome with emotion. And what mom wouldn't be?

I can only imagine how bittersweet the moment must have been. On the one hand, there's someone in the world who'll be forever grateful for the gift of life given to him thanks to the Beaver's donation of their deceased son's heart. On the other hand, there's a mother--and a whole family--who has to accept that Shelton is alive because her son is dead. And while she get to hear her her son's heart beating again, it's only because it's inside somebody else's body.

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I too am an organ donor and, although I don't even like to imagine it, if--God forbid-- something as tragic were to happen to one of my children, I'd follow the Beaver's excellent example and donate as many of their organs as possible. I just don't know if I'd be able to meet those whose lives were saved because of that.

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