'Who's your daddy?' trucks can help you with those pesky paternity problems (VIDEO)

In a time when we all seem pressed for time and used to instant results, it's no wonder that a mobile DNA testing clinic to those in need of those in services in New York has become a huge hit. Ower and operator Jared Rosenthal cruises the city letting New Yorkers know that finding out whether you're a baby's dad or finding out if you're really your father's child is as easy as flagging him down, paying between $300 and $600 and getting a cheek swab test.

The RV is both a testing site and a rolling billboard with catchy signs and the question, 'Who's your daddy?' prominently displayed on it. 


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Rosenthal told the local CBS station that the majority of his clients are men, mostly those in the military who come back from deployment, are told they've become fathers and they just want to make sure. They usually bring the baby in tow. And after getting the DNA test, they have to wait a couple of days for the results. 

But what if the baby or father in question is not in New York? Well Rosenthal says they've partnered up with other DNA clinics in the country and US Consulates to provide testing for those living elsewhere!

So, what happens if the paternity test results show that you're actually not the father? Rosenthal says he's had to console a lot of customers and there's been a lot of tears, confusion, resentment and anger. Can you imagine?

A lot of people have criticized Rosenthal and his RV, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with what he does. Instead of having to go through the hassle of making an appointment at a regular DNA clinic and waiting for the day to come, Rosenthal's RV makes the whole process not only quicker, but somewhat more personal and private. 

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As he says, not all the outcomes are negative or sad. In fact, he's helped reunite long-lost children with their fathers--and I can't even imagine what that must have been like. 

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What do you think of the 'Who's your daddy?' mobile DNA testing clinic? Would you take advantage of its services? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below. 

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