Drag Queen Barbie: Coming soon to a toy store near you!

I can remember playing with Barbie when I was a little girl and never getting bored with the doll because there were SO MANY different kinds. From an stronaut to a doctor--it seemed like Barbie could do it all. There hasn't been one career that she hasn't had and now...she's a drag queen?!

Mattel recently revealed the latest version of their iconic doll, Drag Queen Barbie. You read that right! The new barbie wears a mini jeweled Corset dress with a white faux fur coat and slightly more makeup than a regular doll. I don't know if it's just me, but is Mattel trying too hard? 

I'm kind of disappointed because Barbie doesn't really look like a drag queen at all. In fact she looks more like a glammed up J-Lo-fied version of the original doll. Here I was, expecting something more out of Ru-Paul's Drag Race.


Drag Queen Barbie is being introduced by underground design duo The Blonds and will be arriving on toy store shelves come December. Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones--if you're willing to shell out $125 for the collector's piece.

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If you ask me, she would've looked more like a drag queen with more makeup, bigger hair and feathers to complete her ensemble--or better yet, couldn't they have made a Drag Queen Ken doll? Afterall drag queens are just men dressed as women. But for those of you Barbie fanatics and collectors, the doll will be available to pre-order at Barbiecollector.com

It's interesting to see that Mattel is willing to push the envelope during a time when gay marriage is such a hot button topic. I wonder if they will ever unveil a same sex couple Barbie or Ken for their next project? That would be sort of awesome.

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Till then there's Drag Queen Barbie and she's packing a whole lot of sparkle. I have to admit I kind of like her dress...I wonder if I can find one in my size in time for the new year...

Would you ever buy your kids Drag Queen Barbie?

Image via Mattel

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