Texas teacher has group sex with students & it's captured on video (VIDEO)

Brittni Colleps, a former Texas high school English teacher and married mother of three, was just found guilty of having an improper relationship with five students. Since all of them were 18 at the time, she couldn't be tried for statutory rape but Colleps, 28, could still face up to 20 years in prison. 

What do you think would happen if your 18-year-old son was invited over to one of his teacher's home for some group sex with a few of his classmates? Would he decline? Thinking back to when my now 22-year-old stepson was that age, I know he would've accepted...gladly! Especially if he knew the teacher well and there had already being some flirting going on, as seemed to be the case with Colleps and her students.


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During the trial this week, the jury heard about all kinds of sexually explicit text messages between Colleps and the students and was also shown a video of Colleps having group sex with four of them. In his closing arguments, the district attorney called the sexual encounters "disgusting," "distasteful," and "staggering," according to local Dallas/Ft. Worth station, WFFA.

While I think she obviously needs some psychological help, I think 20 years in prison is a bit harsh Plus, I have a hard time agreeing with those who think she took advantage of the students because she was in a position of power--all these boys were, afterall, 18 years old, which is the legal age for consent in Texas.

On the other hand I do NOT think that what Colleps did twas acceptable. I cannot even begin to understand why this woman, married to an Army specialist and mother of three little kids, would do something like this with her students, nor why she would choose her own home to do so. She obviously broke the law in terms of having an improper relationship with a student (or five, in her case), but I think the teens where old enough to know better. 

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I wouldn't be happy if my 18-year-old son was one of those involved in this scandal, but it would be hard for me to claim that he was somehow a victim. After all, at 18, he'd be old enough to go to war... I'm thinking he should be able to know that having sex with his married teacher is a no-no.

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What do you think? Is 20 years too much? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below. 

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