Jessica Alba's scariest parenting moment inspired The Honest Company

Finding your child eating something that is definitely going to land them in the hospital is probably one of the scariest things a parent can imagine happening, and that's exactly what Jessica Alba went through during her scariest parenting moment ever

Luckily, her beautiful daughters Honor and Haven are just fine. Since then, the actress has started The Honest Company and is devoted to bringing eco-friendly baby products to the world--something she wouldn't have been able to do without that scary moment. 


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In the new issue of SELF magazine, cover girl Jessica Alba talks honestly about the moment that changed her life and how that incident brought her to start The Honest Company with Christopher Gavigan. Although Honor was eventually fine, I admire Jessica for speaking honestly about the frightening moment:

I found my daughter Honor sitting in her crib, eating these tiny beads from the inside of her diaper. They were all over her face. It was a moment of terror. [I still] felt guilty afterward. I worried that I'd poisoned my daughter.

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It may have taken the Latina three-and-a-half years to start the company, but she's doing well with the new venture that she calls a "deep passion" of hers. I really admire her for turning a bad moment into a positive outcome. I, personally, would have just been afraid, but Alba actually did something about it. That's a pretty amazing parenting moment, if you ask me.

Have you ever had a really scary parenting experience? Do you admire Jessica Alba for turning hers into The Honest Company? Share with us in the comments below!

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