Family files lawsuit after daughter is bullied for being Latina

This is absolutely enraging! I just found out that tired of the bullying their teen daughter was enduring at the hands of four families, a Latino couple in Las Vegas filed a lawsuit against them this week. Cecilia and Jonathan Cutler said the girls were verbally abusing their daughter because their daughter is Hispanic. Besides calling her racially derogatory names, they also vandalized their home with racist drawings and littered it with toilet paper, aluminum foil, eggs and frosting among other things, according to their complaint.

The worst part of it all is that one of the parents named in the lawsuit is actually a local police captain! 


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The Cutlers claim that Christopher Darcy, the cop, went as far as engaging "in a campaing of intimidation" after the vandalism incident by trying to convince them not to file an insurance claim. In the case of the other defendants, none of them ever did anything about their kids' behavior other than make excuses, according to the Cutlers.

I can't imagine how terrible the Cutler's teen daughter--whom her parents describe as "shy" and "diminutive"--must have felt being taunted and verbally abused by these girls. Luckily her parents were not intimidated and took the courageous step of suing the bullying families. I feel really sorry for this girl, but I actually feel even more sorry for all the bullying girls because it's obvious, at least to me, that they have the worst parents in the world. As the Cutlers states in their complaint:

None of the defendant parents or their children have accepted responsibility or made any effort to pay for the damages to the Cutler home. The defendant parents appear to condone the behavior, which is perpetuating further wrongful and hateful actions by their children...

What kind of parent condones their children's bullying? I wouldn't be surprised to find out that their parents are probably racist and are constantly using racial slurs and derogatory terms to refer to Latinos and other minorities. After all, children learn from our example.

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I can only hope the Cutlers' teen daugther gets the psycological treatment her parents say she needs and is able to move on with her life.  

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