Everyone has a favorite movie character! Personally, I kind of wish Captain Jack Sparrow was real...then again, I love anything Johnny Depp. Even so, I have to admit that even Johnny doesn't look as cute in his pirate garb as the little boy who impersonates him in the ad below does.

In order to promote a new movie theater, Brazilian advertising agency Globalcomm created a series of posters that feature children dressed as beloved movie characters—and the results are freakin' adorable!


The ads portray young kids posing in a variety of famous roles, including a mini-Captain Jack, a pint-sized Avatar, and a hilariously small Cruella de Vil.

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Aww, what a cute idea! I love that the "models" are completely embracing their roles too in their attitudes, as well as their outfit. As can be seen in the pictures, Cruella is giving some serious sass to the camera and Edward Scissorhands is looking as spooky and strange as ever. The whole thing makes me wish I had my own  kids to dress up in precious little outfits! But hey, that's what younger cousins are for!

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 Check out the adorable posters below and tell us which one your favorite is in the comments below:

Image via mymodernmet


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