These days, it's extremely easy for kids to overshare. Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all it takes is a simple status update or a shared photo and suddenly, the entire world knows where you are and what you're doing. And teens are the worst culprits, constantly sending out information of their whereabouts and snapshopts of themselves into the cyber world without a second thought.

Computer mogul Michael Dell learned that the hard way when he recently realized that the $2.7 million he spends a year on his family's security isn't really doing much since his daughter, Alexa Dell, is constantly sharing details of their private life on Twitter!


Just a few days ago, Dell posted a photo of her brother on a private jet, eating a lavish feast while on the way to Fiji. Understandably, her dad wasn't too happy when he found out, even shutting down her Twitter account...but not before the picture showed up on "Rich Kids of Instagram," a Tumblr that documents the unbelievable photos that children of the very wealthy have shared.

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But while most of us aren't dropping tons of cash for a security detail, the incident with Dell and her dad does shed light on an issue that's significant for all parents and kids: maintaining privacy and security in a time when social media pretty much rules everything. After all, sharing a picture of your manicure is one thing, but practically inviting strangers into your home is another. The whole situation serves as a reminder to parents of the importance of speaking to your kids about being aware of what they're sharing online.

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One things for sure though--I bet nothing our kids share will be quite as insanely over-the-top as the stuff featured on Rich Kids of Instagram (seriously, you won't believe your eyes). Check out a few of the extravagant photos below:

Image via richkidsofinstagram/tumblr

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