Latino couple attempts exorcism on their kids at Walmart!

Is it just me or are people these days getting crazier and crazier? First there was the dad who waterboarded his daughter, then there was the woman who tried to abduct a baby from the hospital, and now a Latino couple has been arrested for attempting to exorcise their kids in a Walmart parking lot!


Illinois parents Deborah and Adolfo Gomez are standing trial after police found two of their kids, ages 5 and 7, tied up on the cement outside the store with duct tape covering their eyes. Their three other kids were safe in the family's car. Luckily, a witness spotted the children while they were bound and called the authorities, who later testified that the family believed "demons had overtaken" the kids' bodies and that the parents were trying to cast those demons out. Um, WTF?!

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Putting aside the notion that their kids were possessed by demons (which is ridiculous enough), why in the world would they think that tying them up and abandoning them outside of a store would do anything? Those poor little children! Now the couple is being charged with child abuse and aggravated child endangerment. Meanwhile, the kids are (thankfully) in protective custody.

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Talk about total insanity! It sounds like these parents need some serious mental help. I just hope they get the aid they need and that those innocent young children remain safe and sound with people who are more capable of taking care of them.

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Image via Lawrence Police Department

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