6 Ways Michelle Obama inspires our kids to be better (VIDEOS)

In what was officially the cutest White House event EVER, Michelle Obama hosted the first Kids "State Dinner" luncheon on Monday. The event, which was part of the First Lady's campaign against childhood obesity, was attended by kids who won a national healthy recipe competition. 

The adorable little chefs, which ranged in age ages 8 to 12, were chosen from more than 1,200 entries, with recipes like "Kickin' Chicken Salad,"  "Power Pesto Pasta,"and "Secret Service Super Salad."

Obama praised the kids for their recipes, stating, "You guys inspire us here at the White House to keep doing what we need to do to keep this message at the forefront." Wow, what an incredible experience for those children to have! President Obama himself even made an appearance!




The event occured only about a week after the First Lady sat down with Gabby Douglas  and jokingly chided the gymnast about her eating habits in a hilarious interview with Jay Leno.

I guess Obama must be comfortable being around younger kids since she has two daughters. After all, at the end of the day, she is a parent first and foremost! Below, a look at the luncheon and 4 more of the best Michelle Obama videos--all of which prove she must be one amazing mom!

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1.The First Lady holds first ever Kids "State Dinner."

2. Michelle Obama advises Gabby Douglas on healthy eating!

2. The First Lady listens to an adorable girl play the violin for her.

3. Michelle Obama shows off her funny side while appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman, proving First Ladies have a sense of humor too (don't you have to when you have teenager in the house?)!

4. She remains incredibly grounded and humble, as she proved while appearing on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show!


5. She doles out personal parenting advice and shares her secrets for getting her kids to eat healthy!

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