Mom arrested for DUI after driving to bar with eight kids in car

I've already expressed how overly cautious I am when it comes to driving. I don't care how annoyed people get with me--if I'm in the car, I WILL yell and/or lecture any person who texts on their phone or stares at their iPod while at the wheel. So you can probably imagine how I feel about drinking and driving…and how especially furious I am to hear of the mom who was arrested on DUI while driving with EIGHT children in her car.


32-year-old Florida mom, Lawanda Lowery-Gale, was already drunk when she decided to drive to a bar with six of her children and two of her nieces, aged 10 months to 14 years.  Police pulled her over and tested her with a breathalyzer after she side-swiped another car with her van. After registering a blood alcohol level of .166 (twice the legal limit), Lowery-Gale was charged with DUI, as well as eight counts of child neglect and driving with a suspended license. She is being held on $275,000 bail. Luckily, no one was injured during the accident.

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I can't even wrap my mind around how incredibly careless and selfish Lowery-Gale's actions were. Drunk driving is stupid and dangerous enough--but to do it while you have EIGHT young kids in the car? That's just inexcusable. What kind of person, let alone mother, does that? And the fact that she was driving to a bar, presumably to drink MORE, only makes the matter that much worse!

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Thank goodness that the police caught her in time before she injured or even killed not just herself, but any of her defenseless children or another driver. I just hope that  her kids will now be safely placed with people who can actually take proper care of them.

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Image via Alachua County Jail

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