5 things my husband does with our baby that makes me love him more

Last week my husband Chris picked up our baby after work, while I was stuck at work until late. I know that I can trust that Chris knows what he's doing with our baby--unlike so many dads who are completely hands off, he loves to be involved in every aspect of our three-month-old's day-to-day life, something which I appreciate and which has made my love for him grow. (Today, by the way, we're loving dads at Mamás Latinas--check out our video gallery of the best dads on the internet!) During their son-daddy time at home, Chris did something that totally sums up the things that I love about him most--and just be warned, what follows is going to be a little gross!...


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The baby was a little congested, so Chris decided to use saline drops to loosen up the mucus, and then proceeded to suck out the gook with a bulb syringe. What came out was the hugest, vilest booger in the history of boogers, which, of course, made my hubby feel so accomplished, he thought it was worthy of documentation. So he took a picture of it. Then sent it to me at work. The picture is really worth more than a gazillion words because it shows our baby chilling happily on the bed, bulb syringe next to him, and the monster booger on Chris' finger in the foreground, defeated and--most importantly of all--outside of Sebastian's little nose! I laughed so hard when I got his picture, it made my late night feel like nothing. That's just one the things that Chris has done that make me feel so blessed to be his wife and happy for Sebastian for having the best dad ever. But he does more--here, 5 of the things that my hubby does with Sebastian that make me fall more in love with him every day:

  1. He sends me pictures of the both of them to cheer me up when I'm stuck at work and they're home. Usually it's the cute "Hi Mami!" picture of the baby sitting in his chair, but the example above tops them all. It makes me miss them terribly, but certainly cheers me up to see my two men enjoying each other's company.
  2. After bath time is sacred daddy time. After we give the baby a bath together, Chris takes over for some quality time with his son. He creams the baby up, puts some yummy smelling cologne, brushes his hair, and gets him all ready for bed. It's the most tender thing I've ever seen, and Sebastian absolutely loveees the time spent with Daddy before heading off to dreamland.
  3. On the weekends, he lets me sleep in. During weekdays, I'm usually the one that jumps out of bed at 5:45 a.m. or 6 to give the baby his first bottle, change him, and get him ready for the day, while Chris sleeps in a little later before we both start getting ready for work. I appreciate that on the weekends, he takes Sebastian to the living room with him when he wakes up at 6 a.m. to feed him and watch his CNBC business shows with him. This way I get an hour more snooze time on the weekends, a luxury I super appreciate these days!
  4. He buys the baby clothes that match his. There's not much more I can explain here. Seeing Chris so excited to get Sebastian shirts or polos that match ones that he already has in order to dress similar makes me melt. It's not corny when it's your own husband and son, okay?
  5. He talks to him as if he were his old buddy. Chris grew up around all very strong women--his amazing mom, aunt, and two sisters. Which made the fact that we had a son as our first born even sweeter for him. He's starting already to talk to Sebastian as if he were his fully grown sidekick, and fantasizes about the time when he'll be able to take his son to the park and shoot some hoops with him. I know he'll have to wait for that time to come, but in the meantime, I just hope as Sebastian grows up, they leave room in that dynamic duo for me.  
Does your husband do things with your kids that make you fall in love more? Add to my list in the comments below!

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