The 5 best dads on the Internet (VIDEOS)

When it comes to raising a child, dads can sometimes get a bad rep for not being as involved  as moms typically are. But in some cases, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Just look at the awesome dad who built a roller coaster right in his family's backyard for his daughter! Now, that's dedication.

We're honoring him and all the other superstar fathers out there by rounding up some of the most amazing dads on the Internet! Below, 5 videos that prove for some dads, nothing is too great for their kids.



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1. This father built a roller coaster, with a whopping 12-foot drop in his backyard, to ensure that his daughter could ride safely on it. After the video went viral, his feat earned him the title "Dad of the Year" online.

2. This dad gained infamy after documenting a project he worked on with 5-year-old son Evan, in which he basically pimped out the young boy's Lightning McQueen Powerwheel--a toy he got for Christmas back in 2009--by adding cool extra features.

3. Inspired by a scene in Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy, this dedicated father decided to give his 3-year-old son Oliver a few days he'd never forget--by dressing up as Spiderman and creating an adventure for the two of them to go on! Say it with me now: Awwww!

4. In this HILARIOUS video, poor ol' dad decides to nicely accompany his eager daughter on a ride. The only problem? He's terrified!

5. Jorge Narvaez and daughter, Alexa Narvaez, catapulted to fame and earned themselves the title of cutest father-daughter duo ever after their music videos earned millions of hits on YouTube. The two even appeared on America's Got Talent earlier this season!

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