Mentally disabled Latina toddler will FINALLY get the kidney transplant she desperately needs! (VIDEO)

Happy news for all today! Amelia Rivera, the 3-year-old Latina girl who first made headlines after she was denied an organ transplant for being mentally disabled, will FINALLY receive a new kidney.

Rivera suffers from a genetic disorder that causes her kidney to fail and leaves her unable to walk or talk.  Doctors told her parents that she would die without a transplant, yet the little girl was not placed on the organ recipient list under the argument that even with a transplant, Rivera would most likely suffer from other health problems.  


Though her parents argued that they themselves would be willing to donate, they were still rebuffed. The decision caused fury throughout the nation, causing thousands of people to sign an online petition on behalf of Rivera and her family. Thankfully, all that support has paid off. Yesterday, Rivera's mother, Christy, announced that her daughter has been approved for a transplant and that she herself would be donating a kidney to the toddler.

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And that's not the only difference that the family's ordeal has made: New legislation was passed in New Jersey that would penalize any hospital that attempts to deny a transplant to a patient because of a mental disability.

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Hooray! That's such AMAZING news, not just for the family, but for every parent and child who has faced discrimination for a disability or condition that can't even be controlled! Rivera's parents should never have had to go through so many months of fighting and debate in the first place, but the important thing now is that their daughter will at least get a chance to live a healthier life--and so will other New Jersey kids who might be facing similar battles in the future.

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