Mom leaves 3 young kids home alone to have sex with neighbor

What is wrong with some parents these days? It seems as if every single day we hear about a mom or dad who does some outrageous thing or behaves in the oddest of manners with absolutely no regard for the well-being of their children. I'm sorry to say this, but some people were truly not born to be parents! Take Crystal Rusaw, for example, a mother of three little kids--ages 4, 3 and 10 months--who allegedly left them home alone for hours so she could go have sex with her neighbor, according to Florida police.

How did they found out? Well, the children apparently left their home and wandered to a four-lane road where a witness found them--with the 4-year-old holding the baby--around 5 a.m. Saturday morning and called police.


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When police arrested 24-year-old Rusaw, she admitted she'd left her kids for about four hours to go have sex with a neighbor and had fallen asleep! She's obviously not right in the head because, first of all, why would she do something so crazy and then have no qualms in divulging that information to the police?

Rusaw now faces child neglect charges. Sadly, her neighbors weren't surprised by her arrest because they said the kids are always playing in the street unsupervised. I don't even want to imagine what could've happened to those three little kids had the witness not found them wandering in the streets last Saturday morning. In fact, I simply can't imagine what must have gone through the heads of the little 4- and the 3-year-old children during the time they were alone, how they decided to leave the house and the huge pressure of having to care for their 10-month-old sibling!

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I don't even like leaving my 6-year-old daughter alone with her little 3-year-old brother in the backyard unsupervised for longer than a few minutes, while I'm doing something in the kitchen or doing laundry, for example, so I can't imagine her waking up in the middle of the night only to find herself all alone with him. ¡Qué locura!

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 Image via Pasco County Sheriff's Office

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