Teen hospitalized after 4-day X-box marathon--WTF parents?! (VIDEO)

In the latest WTF parenting news, an Ohio woman was forced to take away her 15-year-old son's Xbox after he spent four days in a row playing it and then had to be hospitalized for dehydration! Say WHAT?! 


Apparently, Tyler Rigsby collapsed three (!!) times on Tuesday morning after a marathon-round of playing Modern Warfare 3 in his bedroom. His mom, Jesse Rawlins, says that when he emerged from his room, his skin was very pale and his lips were blue. After Rigsby was taken to the hospital, doctors diagnosed him with dehydration, which can decrease blood pressure and oxygen intake.  

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Later, Rawlins admitted that during his game-playing spree, Rigby only left his room to use the bathroom, take a quick shower, or pick up snacks. She now says that they have both learned their lesson the hard way and that as punishment, the "Xbox is gone."

Um, excuse me, is it just me or is it the mom that deserves punishment, not the teenager? Where the heck was she while her son was locked away in his room playing video games for hours--no, days!--on end? Obviously, she was nearby since she admitted to seeing him leave the bedroom only a few times, but instead of, oh I don't know, forcing him to go outside or doing anything about it AT ALL, she just let it happen!

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I don't understand how any parent can allow their son to do that and then be surprised when something like this happens. And then to blame and punish the teenager! Rawlins is clearly just looking for an easy excuse…and not a very good one at that. Because, really, any 15-year-old boy who has the opportunity to would play Xbox for hours on end. That's why parents exist--to stop them from doing unhealthy things like that.

In any case, I'm glad the teen is okay. I just hope that his mom actually starts paying some more attention now!

Would you ever let your child play Xbox for hours on end? Tell us in the comments below!

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