Levi Johnston disses Bristol Palin's parenting, files for custody of son (VIDEO)

Looks like half-Mexican deadbeat dad, Levi Johnston, and his famous ex, Bristol Palin, are at it again! After seeing his 3-year-old son, Tripp, curse on Palin's new reality show, Johnston has announced that he's planning to seek full custody of the toddler.


Apparently, he was "disgusted" by the controversial clip that showed Tripp dropping the f-bomb (the slang word for homosexual, not fornicating) on Palin's reality TV show. So, Johnston is now claiming that his former fiancée does "no real parenting" and wants to take matters into his own hands.  "I love my son more than anything," Johnston, currently expecting a baby number 2 with his new girlfriend, told TMZ. "I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way." He also said he thinks Tripp "deserves a better family."

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I'm no baby expert, but I really don't think either Palin or Johnston are exactly qualified for the Parent of the Year award given their behavior towards each other and their very public spats. HOWEVER, of the two of them, I sincerely doubt that Johnston is the more dependable one. I mean, he did get two different girls pregnant unintentionally--not exactly a sign of responsibility or an indicator that he learns from his mistakes. 

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In all honestly, I don't really care too much about either one of them--I just feel bad for Tripp! That poor kid has to grow up with parents who obviously hate each other and who would rather act like young children themselves than grow up and take responsibility as a mom and dad. And since Johnson is apparently planning on filing the paperwork immediately, I can only imagine how Bristol and the rest of the Palins will react to this news…probably with more immature name-calling.  

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Image via Splash News, Lifetime

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