Ryan Lochte might be at the height of his swimming career right now, but that doesn't exempt his parents from their financial problems. Lochte's Florida family is reportedly fighting off foreclosure and in what seems like a case of stubborn Latina pride, his half-Cuban mom, Ike, refuses to let her Olympian son help them with their debt!


A spokeswoman for Ike, who has been a beloved presence throughout her son's Olympics trials this summer, told Buzzfeed that the mom won't "take money from her kids" to ease the financial strain she is facing after her divorce. Now, her and her ex-husband, Steve, are facing a lawsuit for allegedly failing to make payments on a $258,000 loan. "She wants to do what she can as a woman, mother and adult to handle her own matters without taking money from her kids," the spokeswoman added.

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Well, I certainly can't fault her for that even though I'm sure Lochte, who has previously discussed how close they are, is more than willing to help her out! And you have to admire her determined attitude, especially given all of the attention their family is currently getting. Could this be a case of that fiery Latina mom pride?

But unfortunately, Lochte isn't the only Olympian whose family is dealing with money problems. Court records show that Natalie Hawkins, the mother of gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year in Virginia.

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While I'm sure it's difficult for these moms to deal with their financial issues in the public eye, I am also glad to see that both parents haven't let these matters stop them from showing up and supporting their kids. After all, regardless of what they might be going through at home, they both definitely have something to be proud of in their Olympian champions….and Lochte and Douglas are lucky to have such dedicated moms!

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