Hilarious Ragu commercial portrays every child's worst nightmare! (VIDEO)

Fans that tune into big sports events, like the Superbowl and the Olympics, can always expect to see plenty of action--from amazing victories to disappointed tears to…a handful of noteworthy commercials that everyone will be talking about the next day! If you were watching NBC's coverage of this summer's London games last night, then you probably saw the HILARIOUS (and slightly disturbing!) new Ragu pasta sauce commercial that caused a social media frenzy after it aired.


In the ad, an innocent young boy in search of his mother walks into his parent's bedroom without knocking--and well, you probably know the rest. The boy leaves the room with a stunned look on his face as the narrator proclaims, "A long day of childhood calls for America's favorite pasta sauce."  In an effort to help him forget what he saw, he eats comfort food which (as you probably guessed) is a big ol' plate of spaghetti covered with Ragu!

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I couldn't help but giggle at the commercial--come on, isn't it every child and parent's fear to walk in on or be walked in on..err..canoodling? And I wasn't the only one who found it funny. Viewers took to Twitter to express their reactions to the ad. I have to hand it to Ragu marketers though--this is one awkward scenario that everyone can agree on not wanting to experience!

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Image via YouTube

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