Now that Katie Holmes is single again, she is quickly settling back in N.Y.C. with her daughter, Suri. Case in point? Holmes just enrolled Suri at Avenues, an exclusive new Manhattan private school--one that reportedly costs almost a whopping $40,000 a year!

WOW! That's quite a price tag! But I guess it makes sense since the school, which is opening this fall, overlooks the High Line in Manhattan and has a rooftop playground, a fitness center, and a gym with basketball and volleyball courts.



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OK, I'm all for getting your child the best education possible, but that seems a tad over-the-top considering Suri is only in first grade. Why does she need to go to that expensive of a school? I paid only around $10,000 more than that per year for my COLLEGE tuition!

Still, Holmes isn't the only star to do something extravagant for their children! Below, five Latino celebrity kids who also have very generous parents:


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