Parents arrested after forcing kids into plastic boxes as punishment

In absolutely HORRIFYING news, an Ohio couple has just been charged and indicted after forcing their children into plastic storage boxes as a form of punishment.

Apparently, the (terrible) parents would make their three young kids--who are 5, 7 and 8 years old--into plastic storage containers and then seal them in with duct tape, only leaving a hole cut at the top for air!


That is one of the most awful things I have ever heard. Seriously, what kind of people would do something like that to anyone, let alone their own kids? What is even the point? I sincerely doubt that those poor kids learned any valuable lessons by being crammed into a plastic box…except for maybe that their parents should obviously not be around children. 

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Thankfully, the couple is now paying for the abuse they inflicted. Both parents were charged with endangering children and unlawful restraint. Prosecutors also said that two other people will be charged for knowing about the abuse and not doing anything to stop it--which I honestly can't even believe. If I ever saw that kind of behavior anywhere, I would call the authorities so fast, the parents wouldn't have even finished closing the box yet. Maybe some people would say it's not their place to get involved, but I don't buy into that. In my opinion, knowing about abuse and not doing anything about it is just as bad of a crime as actually doing it!

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Thanfully, justice is being served and all of the parties involved are being sufficiently punished for their behavior. I just hope that those poor children are able to recover and remain safe with the other family members that they have been staying with.

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