Flower girl falls asleep in middle of wedding ceremony (VIDEO)

As fun as wedding receptions can be, we might as well admit that the ceremonies, while sweet, can be kind of boring. That's why flower girl Claire Miller decided to take matters into her own hands.

After the little girl finished her walk down the aisle, Miller had obviously had enough hoopla for one day. So instead of standing obediently to the side, she did what so many of us probably want to do during those drawn-out ceremonies: she laid down on the altar and took a nap!


As can be seen in the hilarious video below, the priest was about to present the bride and groom to the church full of family members and guests, when Miller (who looked like she was about to cross over into seriously cranky territory) sprawled out in front of them. Looking adorable and sleepy in her white dress and flower headpiece, Miller stretchedout and attempted to get comfy on the steps until finally two relatives cameto help move her away.

Fortunately, the bride didn't really seem to notice and the ceremony was able to go on without any further issues.

As the maid of honor in my sister's upcoming wedding, I couldn't help but giggle while watching this video, especially when I imagined the same thing happening during her ceremony. I mean, even the bride has to admit it's a little funny. Plus, the girl is just so cute, you have to crack a smile!

Watch the video here:

Have you ever seen something like this happen at a wedding? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via The Chive

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