With their never-ending curiosity, kids can get themselves into the unlikeliest of situations...some of which may be, um, stickier than others. That's what happened to an unnamed 3-year-old from Southport, England who had to be rescued by firefighters after getting her head stuck in a cookie jar!

Apparently, the child was playfully wearing the jar as a hat when she fell, accidentally getting her head caught! Her mom brought her into a local fire station, where the firemen cut the tin off. Luckily, the toddler had no injuries, although I'm sure she will be embarrassed by this story for years to come!

But she shouldn't feel too bad since she's far from the first kid to get themselves trapped in a strange place! Below, 6 other bizarre and hilarious ways children have gotten stuck:

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Inside washing machine 1

Inside washing machine

Image via YouTube

A young boy in China made headlines after he got himself stuck in a washing machine and had to be cut out by authorities.



Potty seat 2

Potty seat

Image via YouTube

Just before company was about to arrive, little Lyan decided to see if he fit the potty seat on his head. He managed to fit it over, but then got stuck!



Gumball machine 3

Gumball machine

Image via Thinkstock

Two-year-old Terrell Parks had to be helped out by local Texarkana firefighters after his arm became stuck inside a gumball machine. 


Soda vending machine 4

Soda vending machine

Image via ABC

A 17-year-old California boy got his arm stuck in a vending machine on Saturday after attempting to reach inside the receiving slot and steal a soda.



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Toy Machine 5

Toy Machine

Image via Handout

3-year-old Noah Jeffreywas so determined to grab a toy from the machine in a Zagame's restaurant that he climbed through the gate up the chute and into the enclosed area with the toys!