How my mom convinced me to get breast implants

I've always been one of those girls that thought women with breast implants were idiots. I considered myself a feminist and bigger boobs was just NOT on the feminist agenda.

When I thought about breast implants I pretty much always pictured Pamela Anderson. I mean, she was the giant knockers icon in the '90s and men loved her for it--but I think we'll all agree that us girls didn't really feel that way. So how did I end up with breast implants myself? Well, it's all thanks to my mother who very convincingly (and for several years) talked me into upgrading my cleavage.


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It all started when I began to lose a lot of weight. When I weighed more than 200 pounds, my boobs looked great. I was a C cup and very happy about it. Then I lost 90 pounds and my C's became A's. When I regained 80 pounds and then lost another 100 thanks to my gastric bypass, my breasts probably didn't know what to do with themselves. They'd get bigger and then get smaller until, finally, I was barely an A cup and very, very saggy.

Now, being saggy wasn't a huge surprise--I was basically saggy everywhere thanks to the dramatic weight loss. The skin on my stomach and under my arms wasn't pretty, which is why I finally opted to get reconstructive plastic surgery in Colombia.

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My mom was coming with me and, a few weeks before we were set to leave, she started asking me about breast implants. They weren't on my list of things that I needed to have done. In fact, I really, really resisted at first. I knew she had gotten breast implants a few years before and both her and dad loved them, but I kind of hated that fact.

That's when she pointed out that I would be really disproportional if I "fixed" the rest of me but not my saggy, small breasts. It would be a waste not to get them done too, she told me, and that I would likely regret my decision later. I thought about it for a long time until finally deciding that she was right. I didn't want to be a 24-year-old girl with a good body that I worked hard to get--and saggy mom boobs.

To be honest, this was one of the hardest decisions that I've ever had to make in my life. But at the end of the day, I'm really glad that my mom made me see reason. I still sometimes have issues with my boobs (I went back to the C that I always had, not wanting to look too "fake") but I like knowing that everything looks pretty damn good--even if some of it is man-made.

Has your mom ever convinced you to do something? Have you ever tried to talk your kids into doing something they didn't want to do? Share with us in the comments below!

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